Madfinger Games upsets players after latest Shadowgun: DeadZone update

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Oh dear, it looks like Madfinger Games has once again incurred the wrath of its players. The developer’s latest multiplayer game, Shadowgun: DeadZone, recently received an update that that players are not happy with. Tempers are flaring in Google Play reviews and official forum posts over Madfinger’s decision to take some features away and introduce new restrictions.
According to various user posts on the official Shadowgun: DeadZone forums and Google Play, match sizes have been reduced, continuous map rotations have been removed, some maps have been altered, prices for premium currency has increased, assault weapons are less effective and one weapon called the Sh*tstorm is apparently way overpowered.

Some players are also having a difficult time getting into matches. Considering how all players are taken back to the main menu after every match, any kind of delay can be very frustrating.

So far, I haven’t seen a response from Madfinger Games about any of these issues.

This situation seems to echo what happened with Dead Trigger earlier this year. If you remember, Dead Trigger was originally $0.99 and included in-game purposes. Madfinger decided to make Dead Trigger free because of this, but then players who paid $0.99 felt cheated. The anger eventually died down once Madfinger gave away rewards to early adopters, and the Dead Trigger community is no longer hostile.

I think Madfinger will do right by its players and make the changes the community is demanding.

Source [Madfinger Games]

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