ChuChu Rocket! is free on the Amazon AppStore

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ChuChu Rocket! is free on Amazon today! Drop everything. Don’t worry if it’s breakable or not, just drop it. Grab your tablet or run to your computer, get to the Amazon AppStore and claim your free game. This is a fantastic port of a wonderful game and you need it in your life. Since it’s free, you have no reason to argue with me and instead should just pick it up before December 27, 2012 ends and the price shoots back up to 99¢.

Okay, yes, I’m getting all excited because you get to save a whole 99¢. This is ChuChu Rocket!! If you’d played it, you would understand and appreciate my need for urgency and call to action.

See, the Android version of ChuChu Rocket! is the best incarnation of the game since the original Dreamcast release back in 1999. In this game, players help ChuChus, which are the adorable white and blue space-mice, escape the orange KapuKapu cats. You save them by placing arrows around the screen to create paths for the ChuChus to the space ships. ChuChus are kinda dumb, typically plodding forward in a straight line, unless they hit a wall, in which case they turn right and continue forward until they, you guessed it, hit another wall. Or fall in a hole. Or run into a KapuKapu. I think you get the idea.

In a way, I envy you. My first experience with ChuChu Rocket! wasn’t as glorious as yours will be after grabbing the Android app. See, I had it on the Game Boy Advance. It wasn’t bad but, well, it couldn’t compare to the Dreamcast or Android versions!

Anyway, you need ChuChu Rocket! in your life. The simple touch screen controls, 500 levels and up to four player multiplayer will make it worth your while. So go on, go to Amazon and start saving some ChuChus!

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