Humble Indie Bundle 7 adds Offspring Fling, The Basement Collection and Cave Story+

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Time for the usual Humble Indie Bundle 7 update! Every time there’s a Humble Bundle, more games are added at the halfway point. Well, we’ve passed that with the Humble Indie Bundle 7 and as a result, three new games have been added to the bundle for people who are willing to spend more than the current average on the bundle. Most surprising is that two of the three are new additions to the Humble Bundle family, instead of a previous bundle just being added to this one.

The three newly added games are The Basement Collection, Cave Story+ and Offspring Fling for Windows, Mac and Linux. This is the first time The Basement Collection and Offspring Fling have been part of the bundle. Cave Story+ is a perenial favorite, often appearing in Humble Bundles. The soundtracks for all of them are also included as a bonus. To get them, you would have had to pay $6.42 at 1:30pm CST. Who knows what the current average is when you read this, but it should be around that price. Pay extra so you can get Offspring Fling – it’s worth it.

The other Humble Indie Bundle 7 games are equally awesome. You get Snapshot, Closure, The Binding of Isaac and its DLC, Shank 2 and Indie Game: The Movie for Windows, Mac and Linux if you pay less than the average. The three aforementioned games, Dungeon Defenders with its DLC and Legend of Grimrock are added if you pay more than the average.

The Humble Indie Bundle 7 is around for less than one more week. On January 2, 2013 it’s gone for good. So buy it before then if you want it, as it’s a better deal for these games through this bundle than it is to buy them individually through the 2012 Steam Holiday Sale.

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