Ouya developer consoles are out there

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ouya developer consoles
The Ouya is coming closer to becoming a viable game system. Working Ouya developer consoles have been released into the wild. These 1,200 Ouyas are now on their way to developers, if they haven’t gotten there already. It’s alright if you want to be jealous. In fact, I’d encourage it since it turns out the Ouya developer consoles are clear.

Yes, that’s one of the perks for people who pitched in $699 or more to the Ouya Kickstarter. They get a “frosted translucent” Ouya with matching clear controllers. They also get the necessary console cords and cables, a Micro-USB port in the console and cable to aid in the development process, a special box and a welcome letter. That’s a pretty nice bonus. I mean, just look at how cool the clear Ouya is!

These Ouya developer consoles aren’t 100% complete and ready. The complete Ouyas will be out in March 2013. They’re a rough version. So there are bugs and the controllers especially have some issues. It does work, however, and even has an very early version of the UI and people can go ahead and make/test/play Ouya games. The early Ouya can be opened and tinkered with, if people who went in for this early version of the Ouya want to start hacking it.

If you didn’t receive one of the Ouya developer consoles but make Android apps and want to start the process of either porting your existing games to the system or making new games, the time to begin has come. The Ouya Developers website was launched alongside the Ouya developer consoles and it provides all of the information you need to begin. You can get the guides and ODK software for developing games, set up cash shop parameters and even upload your finished game. Potential developers do need to register first, but it’s a simple process and shouldn’t take long.

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