Final shipments of PlayStation 2 stock head to Japanese retail

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After close to 13 years of service, the venerable PlayStation 2 has officially left the building. That’s according to a report from the Japanese games industry publication known as Famitsu, which states that after the latest shipments are opened, stocked and sold, that’s it. In other words, once those PlayStation 2 retail units are gone, they’re just that: gone. Finite. Sayonara. No more PlayStation 2 hardware deliveries.

Granted, this specifically applies to Japan from a marketing standpoint. Most of the world has long since moved on to more recent fare like the PlayStation 3 and Wii U. Then again, what happens under the rising sun ultimately happens on a global scale with nearly every console. It’s just a matter of when, not if. Either way, the PS2 sold 150 million plus units over its retail lifespan.

Of course, with such a long shelf life it certainly makes sense (and cents) that developers have continued to provide new games and content for the PlayStation 2 for close to a half-decade following the launch of its successor console. So from that perspective, this retirement may be somewhat overdue as a result.

So goodbye PlayStatin 2, and enjoy your hard-earned retirement.

Source [Famitsu] Via [Kotaku]

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