iPad gaming update for December 31, 2012

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The post-Holiday App Store update isn’t exactly plentiful but there are enough sales going on that new iDevice owners should be able to pick up some awesome games for great prices. If you are looking for something new however, here’s this week’s offering on the iPad:

Auditory is a free twin stick shooter that uses your music to set the pace and intensity of the game.

Ninja vs Samurai Zombies has players tilt and tap their way to revenge on the samurai zombies that destroyed the village. Choose from two characters and unlock ninja abilities to take on the hordes of zombie samurais through randomized stages for Game Center achievements and to top the leaderboard.

Sword Goddess is a $1.99 action/adventure game built on the Unreal Engine. Use different combat modes as you explore the world as you set out to find the Truth City and save the land as a one person army.

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