iPhone and iPod Touch gaming update for December 31, 2012

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With the holidays behind us, it’s time to enjoy those new iDevices and look forward to another year of gaming updates. For this last week of 2012 however, here’s some new stuff you can enjoy:

Build your army, train them to be effective, and launch all out strategic war in the $0.99, Battle Alert. Defend your base and combat other players worldwide or just enjoy the single player campaign.

Wordament is a free word game where players can either find as many words as possible or go for the big points. Make “Frenemies” as you compete against players and even compete with players on other platforms through cross-play. Players can even unlock Xbox achievements.

TouchBattle:Fate of war is a pricey action game at $9.99. For those brave enough to spend the money, you can enjoy infinite survival mode as you take on the humans with your dark magic. The goal is destroy as many as possible to see how you stack up against other Game Center players.

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