Don’t Starve will not have multiplayer

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Don’t Starve has certainly proved its worth as a single-player game, but some players on the Klei Entertainment forums have been pondering the possibility of a multiplayer component for some time. Klei Entertainment has stated on occasion that it’s focused on moving Don’t Starve out of open beta in 2013 by completing the game’s main features instead of getting involved with multiplayer. However, the questions kept coming. Earlier this month, Klei made its stance on multiplayer official in a forum post.

Kevin Forbes of Klei Entertainment made it clear on the Don’t Starve forums that multiplayer is not in the cards for Don’t Starve. Why you ask? It’s because the entire game’s code would have to be seriously altered to make that possible. Here’s a portion of Forbes’ statement on the matter.

“Don’t Starve was designed and implemented as a single-player game. At the code level, you have to do things a lot differently if you want to play over a network. If we were to implement multiplayer now, we would have to re-architect all of this code, which would have unavoidable spill-over effects for the single player experience. This would make it harder for us to fulfil [sic]the promises that we’ve made, and compromise the overall quality of the game.”

Discussions have taken place between Don’t Starve‘s development team about whether or not to add co-op or multiplayer, but they decided Don’t Starve would be better without it.

The lack of multiplayer shouldn’t result in a lackluster single-player experience. Don’t Starve has been getting frequent significant updates over the past several months. Klei will also continue to support the game for six months after it officially launches.

Source [Don’t Starve Forums]

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  • Damon

    Lookslike sn awesome game but you Won’t get my money without a multiplayer game mode. Sorry.

  • Jerry Sequin

    Why not I mean who cares if the game changes and everything but think about it there would be a whole new game and since its co-op you would have millions more people buying it and you would make 10 times the money u r now

  • Nick

    Well this is funny, dont starve together is now in closed beta…