Last week of Sony’s 2012 Holiday Essentials sale is the best

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As part of its own pre- and post-Christmas sales, Sony has been holding a 2012 Holiday Essentials sale on the PS3 and Vita PlayStation Stores. Gamers stop by. They get some great PS3 and Vita games at a substantial discount using either their own money or gift cards they received as gifts, and they go on their way with a new library of games. PlayStation Plus subscribers have it even better, as they get 50% off the sale games while standard shoppers only get 30% off.

Alas, the three week 2012 Holiday Essentials sale event is at an end. The week of January 1-7, 2013 will be the last chance people have to get games cheap. Fortunately, Sony is sending this sale off in style with discounts on incredible games.

Here’s what has been reduced for the final 2012 Holiday Essentials sale week. Platforms are noted. Remember Sound Shapes is a cross-buy game where you get both the PS3 and Vita versions when you purchase it.

  • AR Play (Vita) – $6.25, $4.38 for PS+
  • Assassin’s Creed 2 Deluxe Edition (PS3) – $13.99, $9.80 for PS+
  • Batman: Arkham City (PS3) – $20.99, $14.70 for PS+
  • Bulletstorm (PS3) – $13.99, $9.80 for PS+
  • inFamous 2 (PS3) – $13.99, Free for PS+
  • inFamous: Festival of Blood (PS3) – $6.99, $4.90 for PS+
  • Lumines (Vita) – $24.99, $17.49 for PS+
  • Shadow of the Colossus (PS3) – $13.99, $9.80 for PS+
  • Skullgirls (PS3) – $10.49, $7.35 for PS+
  • Sound Shapes (PS3, Vita) – $10.49, $7.35 for PS+
  • Tokyo Jungle (PS3) – $10.49, $7.35 for PS+
  • Touch My Katamari (Vita) – $17.99, $12.25 for PS+

Funny, that’s about what I paid for a used copy of Touch My Katamari!. In all honesty though, all of the games in this week’s list of 2012 Holiday Essentials sale except AR Play are fantastic. (As good as the Vita is, the AR game efforts aren’t awesome yet.) I particularly recommend grabbing Sound Shapes and Tokyo Jungle. That isn’t to say the other games aren’t good, but I think you could find some of them cheaper in an actual store. I know I saw Lumines for that price before Christmas new, and you should really get the full Ico/Shadow of the Colossus Collection rather than just getting Shadow of the Colossus alone.

Source [PlayStation Blog]

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