GamerTell’s most popular story of 2012

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Since today is the final day of 2012, we decided to look back and share our most popular story of the year as determined by you. There have been a lot of big stories this year, but none gained more traction on GamerTell than the leaked images from The Art of the Mass Effect Universe artbook.

These images were leaked during a time of much excitement over Mass Effect 3. We originally expected the game to be released in 2011, but BioWare delayed it to the first quarter of 2012. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that on the day we wrote about the leaked artbook (January 27, 2012), the people ate it up. Mass Effect 3 was not released until March 6.

The Art of the Mass Effect Universe provided more detail into two characters that were supposed to be secrets at that time. It was the first time we saw many variations of EDI’s humanoid form, and learned of the Prothean that turned out to be Javik.

EDI turned out to be a nice addition to Shepard’s squad, while Javik was held hostage until you purchased the From Ashes downloadable content. All in all, both squad members were a huge addition to Mass Effect 3‘s story.

If you’d like to purchase The Art of the Mass Effect Universe, you can get it in either physical or digital form. Amazon and Barnes & Noble are selling the digital edition for $13.74. The hardcover edition is cheapest at Amazon for $26.39.

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