2012 Year in Review: The birth of the GamerTell Cast

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This year at GamerTell, we launched our first podcast. It all began on May 20 when I asked GamerTell’s resident import guru and fellow editor Jenni Lada,”Would you have any interest in doing a podcast?” Later that day, Jenni told me she was on-board with the idea and the podcast was born. We initially called it the TellCast in the pilot episode, but it eventually changed to the GamerTell Cast in the days that followed.

The GamerTell Cast typically runs for about an hour or so, although the first episode was two hours long. In each episode, we talk about what game(s) had sunk their claws in us for that week, the most interesting news items of the week and we sometimes we feel the need to rant about some aspects of gaming that really tick us off. Check out the 10th episode for rants on Square Enix, Xbox Live Gold and Glu Mobile.

Jenni and I get together on Fridays to record each episode, and I usually get it up on the site that same day. So far, we’ve recorded 25 episodes which accounts for over a 24 hours worth of audio gaming goodness. If you want to download and carry the GamerTell Cast wherever you go, I’ve uploaded every episode to Google Drive. Feel free to download at your leisure.

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