My first day with my Christmas 3DS

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2012 ended with a bang, as this Christmas I finally got a 3DS! Up until now I have been playing on the original DS. And I mean original – the bulky and unfashionable model. I always felt that I should break down and upgrade already, especially since Paper Mario: Sticker Star just came out. But with something like a 3DS, you want the arrival to be special. I wanted it as a gift.

So I dropped as many hints as I could and threw it on my Amazon wish list. My parents caught on because they got it for me!

Now, mind you, the only 3DS experience I have is when I borrowed my brother Eric’s for a week so I could get him tons of street passes at E3 2012. Other than that I really hadn’t messed around with it much, so when I opened it up and plugged it in, I really didn’t know what to expect.

As I was waiting for the 3DS to charge and download the thousands of updates needed before I could use the thing, I started looking at the little pack of AR cards that came with the system and tried to figure out what the heck they were for. They are black playing cards that have pics of different Nintendo characters on them. Eric looked over and said “those are augmented reality cards, you shine the camera over them and they move around the screen!” This immediately intrigued my mom who, like me, is easily amused by technology. She wanted to see this work. I pulled up the AR Games app and shined it over the coin block card.

Suddenly, without warning, my coffee table started to break open and out popped a fiery dragon that stuck right up at me and shrieked. The 3DS screen turned into a gun and I began firing missiles right at the dragon that had taken over my poor coffee table until I finally sent it sulking back into the coin box it popped out of. After all that excitement, my family and I calmed down a bit and amused ourselves watching Mario and Kirby fly around the room and bump into walls.

My mom decided she had enough and so I decided to fool around with the other cool programs the 3DS has, like Swap Note! One more download later I was able to finally send notes to all my other friends who had bought a 3DS already (whatever you guys!) including fellow GamerTeller Jenni Lada. A couple of my friends that I added had already sent me notes, so I looked at them plus the ones that your virtual Nintendo buddy Nikki sends you to help you out. I saw that they all had cool backgrounds and, of course, 3D images.

So I start to write a note and then decide to add a totally awesome 3D image to it as well. Well guess what? You <b>can’t</b> add a 3D image to it until Nintendo decides that you are good and ready to add a 3D image! You can’t even reply to a message until they teach you how to do it. So I ended up sending Jenni, my brother, and my friend Caitlin a boring 2D picture of a badly drawn elephant, the text “Hi! This is me doing Swap Note!” and tried to not be too jealous as they replied back with their fancy 3D imagery.

Well after I stopped crying I give up on Swap Note for awhile and pulled up Mii Plaza. This is the app I already knew how to use this because of E3 2012, so I was ready to swap some puzzle pieces, fight some monsters in the dungeon, and wear some cool hats. It’s no surprise that Nintendo also decided to slowly introduce me into the Street Pass world and wouldn’t even let me wear a cool hat until I unlocked and won one from the Find Mii game.

After remembering that I can also play games on the 3DS, I decided to pop a few in and play those for awhile. Right now I only have Scribblenauts Unlimited and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, plus my library of DS games, but I plan to soon get Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward and borrow Paper Mario from my brother. I played Scribblenauts Unlimited for several hours before I decided I couldn’t stay awake any longer and decided to call it a night.

So there you go – a Christmas day 3DS experience. I have sense taken several 3D pictures of my dog Shemp and my cockatiel Moe, plus anything else I had laying around that I felt wasn’t 3D enough already. I have also unlocked the 3D and reply abilities of Swap Note and sent many ridiculous notes to my friends, in 3D naturally. Also, thanks to the daily street passes from my brother, I was able to fly through the dungeons on Find Mii with my level 7 knight and get four cool hats with more to come! Now I just need a knight who has magic that defeats a blue shield, but we’ll worry about that later.

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