2012 Year in Review: Windows 8 games fail to impress

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On October 26, 2012, Microsoft released Windows 8 to a skeptical audience. Windows 8 is the most radical change to the Windows operating system since Windows 95. Microsoft’s decision to replace the traditional Start icon with a new Start menu really rubbed some people the wrong way. This change also ushered in the Windows Store for PCs and Windows 8 tablets. The Windows Store is the only place Windows RT users can download and install games. Windows 8 users on laptops, desktops and x86 tablets have the luxury of downloading games from a variety of sources, but Microsoft would prefer everyone use the Windows Store. Now that we’re more than 2 months in to the life of Windows 8, I can say that its gaming selection is pretty lackluster.

You would think there would be a huge desire to download games from the Windows Store due to its Xbox Live tie-in, but that’s not the case. Even the allure of earning Achievements isn’t enough to convince me to play Windows Store games. The selection is pretty bad as well. There are only 20 Xbox Live for Windows games available for download. Some of the more notable selections are Jetpack Joyride, ilomilo plus, Pinball FX2 and the old classic Microsoft Minesweeper. There are over 3,000 games in all, but most of them are forgettable. The Wavy Tube Man Chronicles received the most buzz out of any Windows 8 game I’ve seen.

After the initial fascination I had with the Windows Store, I have not gone back to it in search of games. The support just isn’t there. Microsoft spent hundreds of millions of dollars on Windows 8 promotions, but you’d never believe that judging by the gaming situation. Microsoft is off to a slow start with Windows 8 on every possible front.


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  • jessica

    I personally think that windows 8 is awful. It is not user friendly at all and I am returning my laptop tomorrow hoping to get windows 7 , I have had my laptop since Christmas and I just cant get used it, no I cant even get around it, they made this way to complicated.

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