Watch out Ouya, GameStick wants to eat your lunch

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One of the trends in consumer electronics right now involves turning regular HDTVs into smart TVs. Some companies such as Roku choose to do this by providing access to its streaming video service on a device that’s as small as a flash drive. These devices can plug directly into a television’s HDMI port, and push all kinds of video content to the TV over Wi-Fi. In the gaming space, PlayJam is looking to do something similar with its new product called the GameStick on Kickstarter.

The GameStick is an Android-powered HDMI stick that’s compatible with HDTVs. It functions very similarly to Ouya by providing its own user interface and storefront to deliver games to players. Due to its small size, the GameStick will utilize MHL (mobile high-definition link) in order to draw power from televisions. It’s not clear if the final GameStick design will have an alternate power supply. The GameStick also has its own Bluetooth controller, but any HID-supported Bluetooth controller.

The user interface programmed onto the GameStick mimics Xbox Live. Game selections are separated by tiles of squares and rectangles. Some of the games showed on the GameStick include Shadowgun and Smash Cops. PlayJam says it has the support of over 250 developers such as Supersecret Software, Relentless Software, Hutch and Madfinger Games.

PlayJam needs to raise $100,000 on Kickstarter to bring the GameStick to market. It has raised $15,884 so far with 29 days left in its campaign. If successful, the GameStick is expected to begin shipping in April for $79. It’ll include the GameStick and a controller.

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