The Hybrid Controller makes the iPhone 5 look like the Xperia Play

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iPhone5Mod has a really cool case available to purchase for $49.90. It’s called the EX Hybrid Controller, and it’s one of the most creative iPhone 5 case designs I’ve ever seen. It’s comprised of a back case that has a seemingly strong magnet built in to it. You can then attach a couple different fully functioning plates to the back case. One of the plates is a full QWERTY keyboard, and other is a game controller. As you can tell from the photo, the game controller plate makes the iPhone 5 look like the Xperia Play.

The keyboard attachment is 2mm thick and is made from aluminum. It’s reasonable to believe the game controller attachment isn’t that much thicker. The Hybrid Controller is powered by Bluetooth 3.0 and has a battery life of 40 hours.

Surprisingly, the buttons on both attachments are physical. In other words, they actually click! It’s not known how well the controller will work with games, but I’d imagine it can’t be worse than most touchscreen controls.

I’ve seen a lot of phone cases that offer nothing but looks for a similar price. If this Hybrid Controller works as advertised, it can easily be one of the best iPhone accessories available.

Source [iPhone5Mod]

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