FEZ getting ported, people who don’t own Xbox 360s rejoice

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Thanks to Indie Game: The Movie and many rave reviews, FEZ has gone from an interesting little Xbox Live Arcade game to something notable. FEZ has become a force and is noted as one of the best games on XBLA. Those of us without Xbox 360s were left to look on enviously, but there is hope for us. Polytron Corporation has announced it is working on getting FEZ the larger audience it deserves with ports.

The news came from Polytron’s State of the Polytron address on New Years Eve. It reviewed what happened in 2012 and what’s to come in 2013. Most notable is that Gomez is grabbing his fez and the Hexahedron as FEZ is making the leap to other platforms. What platforms is yet unknown, but I’d like to think PC and PS3 ports are a given. Polytron also apparently has other games in development too, but since it didn’t say anything other than, “There’s a couple of new games in the pipeline, of course.” So let’s not dwell on what we know nothing about and focus on the thing that will probably come sooner.

In case this is the first you’ve heard of FEZ, let me briefly enlighten you. That marshmellow-looking guy is Gomez. He has a magic fez given to him by an artifact called the Hexahedron. He used to live in a 2D game, but the Hexahedron allowed him to see there’s more to it than that, and now Gomez can explore the third dimension. Actually, he has to because when he used his new dimension shifting powers, the Hexahedron broke and it has to be rebuilt or else the world will be destroyed.

So, on what platform do you want to see FEZ released? I think I need it on the Vita. Yes, my Vita needs a little more love.

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t end this news story with a rather famous and nerdy quote. So here it is: “It’s a fez. I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool.” Where is it from people?

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