Dungelot for Android begs to be played by fans of roguelike games

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If you’re in the mood for a neat roguelike experience for Android, let me turn your attention to Dungelot. Dungelot is a free Android game that also made a home on PC and Mac. It involves taking a hero into a series of dungeons, dying and doing it all over again.

The appeal of Dungelot and roguelike games in general is the replay value these game tend to have. The whole point is to survive as long as you can even though you are most likely to die at some point. Dungelot keeps you hooked by allowing you to power up your character after you die to ensure you can make it further into the dungeon the next time around. You can also find your dead body and recover some goodies off your corpse.

Each dungeon level is randomly generated, so you won’t have any runs that are exactly the same. Throughout your death march, you’ll find persistent items and single-use items. Some persistent items include armor that will reduce enemy attacks by one point, swords that will increase your attack power by one and a relic that restores five hearts upon entering a new level in the dungeon. The single-use items are things like spells and other offensive buffs.

This game is controlled entirely by taps, so don’t expect to move around with your character in the traditional sense. It may seemed dumbed down, but trust me, it works.

One of the only gripes I have about Dungelot is the banner ad that is displayed on the top of the screen. It blocks some portions of the map and prevents you from seeing how much gold you collected. From what I can tell, there isn’t a way to buy a premium version of the game even though the game suggests there is a paid version. I still encourage you to try it out and attempt to not get hooked.

Google Play Link [Dungelot]

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