Controversial Seduce Me game hits the internet

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Seduce Me, the indie game deemed too hot for the Steam Greenlight process, is now a real thing you can buy and play. No Reply Games figures they don’t need the most popular digital video game distributor on their side to be successful. It’s decided that it will do just fine selling it through their official site right now, not to mention eventually through Amazon, IndieCity and FireFlower Games as well.

In case you missed the controversy, Seduce Me was a Steam Greenlight game earlier this year. Reception was mixed by users. Some thought it was okay and upvoted the game, while others thought it inappropriate for the distributor and reported it. Then in September, 2012, Valve decided the erotic strategic game with visual novel and RPG elements, Seduce Me, wasn’t something they’d want on the service. Citing content guideline violations, Seduce Me was removed. Seeing as how the game has been given an “Adults Only 18+” rating from the ESRB due to its content, I think the removal was quite understandable.

Here’s how Seduce Me works. The player gets to visit a Mediterranean socialite’s mansion that has 14 women in it. The four main characters can be “seduced,” while the other 10 are just eye candy, I guess. The whole seduction process happens thanks to choices made during events and card mini-games. It’s pretty much a graphic dating sim. You won’t want to play this when anyone else is around, though from the screenshots on the website it seems like at least half of the art has the characters wearing clothing.

Basically if you want it, Steam can’t stop you. You just need to visit the Seduce Me website, pay €12.99 (~$17.13) and you’ll have the Windows or Mac version ready to play. Just know that the “Adults Only 18+” rating isn’t for show. This game contains a lot of mature content. If you’re in North America, you may want to wait a week or so and see if it shows up as a download on Amazon, just in case there would be a better conversion rate.

Site [Seduce Me]

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