The people have spoken, they want the GameStick

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The GameStick, an Android console that’s no larger than a flash drive, has been funded on Kickstarter. On the second day of the campaign, pledges exceeded the $100,000 PlayJam needed to put the GameStick into production. At the time of this writing, $108,095 have been pledged towards this project. The only thing left to do is wait and see if the GameStick makes its April 2013 shipping window.

Ouya was the last Android console to gain this much recognition on Kickstarter. I believe the GameStick is going to attract more developers and services within the next month. The GameStick could end up in a position similar to Ouya by offering non-gaming applications. That may not be the path PlayJam envisioned for its product, but Android has never been limited to a single kind of application.

The one advantage the GameStick has over Ouya is its portability. It’s small enough to be stored within its included controller whereas Ouya can’t travel without its power supply and a HDMI cable. Unfortunately, both consoles require their own ecosystem. Each individual is going to have to decide which company they’d rather support since purchases most likely won’t extend across platforms.

It’ll be interesting to follow the progress of the GameStick in the upcoming months.

Source [Kickstarter]

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