Here’s the Kotobukiya Bishoujo Commander Shepard BioWare Edition figure

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I have someone special I have to introduce you all to today. Meet Commander Shepard. Well, not any Commander Shepard, the Commander Shepard BioWare Edition figure from the Kotobukiya Bishoujo line. For those unfamiliar with Japanese or who can’t see pictures, that means it’s a statue of the female version of Commander Shepard.

The Commander Shepard BioWare Edition figure is a BioWare Store exclusive. You can only get her if you order online through the BioWare Store. Also, you have to be one of the first 2,000 people to put down $65 to get her. For that price you get the black haired figure, one biotic pose hand, one N7 Eagle Pistol hand, a removeable omniblade and a code for a multiplayer DLC bonus for the Xbox 360 and Windows PC versions of Mass Effect 3. The product listing on the BioWare Store says no more than 2,500 will be made, but Kotobukiya’s Facebook update says she’s one of 2,000 so we’ll go with that.

If you aren’t one of the lucky 2,000 to get the Commander Shepard BioWare Edition Bishoujo figure, you can still get a general Commander Shepard figure. She’s available through multiple retailers for the exact same price. You can even go directly through Kotobukiya. Those partial to redhead heads should go for her. Both the standard and BioWare Edition FemShep statues will be available in March 2013.

I know this sounds crazy, a $65 figure that will just stand on your shelf and look awesome, but you have to make an exception for Kotobukiya. The company’s figures are known for their quality and general awesomeness. Even though I’d rather have a badass Garrus standing on my desk, I have to admit that the Commander Shepard BioWare Edition figure is a really tempting impulse buy.

Site [Kotobukiya on Facebook] Product Page [BioWare Store]

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