Xbox Live Update for the week of January 4, 2013

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Happy new year, GamerTell faithful! Other than year end sales, the marketplace has been a little quiet lately. Xbox Live turns the calendar page with the release of Retro City Rampage. It began life as an 8-bit tribute to Grand Theft Auto, and evolved into a unique experience of its own. It’s an open world crime game that stars Player, a criminal trying to make a name for himself in Theftropolis.

Along the way you’ll encounter 80s references-a-plenty in both the gameplay and the characters you encounter. As you’d expect from a title called Retro City Rampage, this game is all about the old school. It’s 800 Microsoft Points (Dude, it’s the 80s, what’s a Microsoft Point?) to enjoy this crime spree.

Did you have problems with your cloud saves over the past few days? You’re not alone. Xbox Live General Manager Alex Garden released an apology for the outage, and those affected will get a free month of Gold membership.

The Deal of the Week features EA Sports Games on Demand. Madden NFL 13, FIFA Soccer 13, NHL 13 and NCAA Football 13 are all $49.99.

Coming soon is DLC for Black Ops 2. MP1st scoped out a promo poster for DLC apparently named Revolution. It reportedly contains four new maps for multiplayer, one for zombies and a new weapon, the peacekeeper SMG. Should these rumors prove true, this would be CoD’s first DLC weapon. Season Pass holders get it for free. Since this is an unconfirmed leak, Activision hasn’t announced a price point. The map packs are usually 1200 MP.

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