Akaneiro: Demon Hunters needs more money

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Spicy Horse needs more money for Akaneiro: Demon Hunters and wants to know if it can have some of yours. Not just pocket change either – it needs about $200,000. Nope, this isn’t a joke. Spicy Horse and American McGee have turned to Kickstarter to get this game finished.

You’re probably wondering why they need your money. I mean, this is American McGee. Apparently, he and Spicy Horse don’t have enough money available to do everything they want with the free-to-play-but-with-a-cash-shop Akaneiro: Demon Hunters. They want cooperative multiplayer, equipment crafting, a dedicated community support system and Android and iOS ports.

I’m sorry, I’ve got to step back a second. Really? They didn’t have the budget worked out to include at least coop and equipment crafting in Akaneiro: Demon Hunters from the beginning? Really? I could have sworn that the whole equipment crafting and coop were a part of promotional hype for Akaneiro: Demon Hunters from the start and to have them searching for money to put it in now, at this late state when open beta starts later in January 2013 seems a bit worrying. I can see asking for money for the Android and iOS ports, but not for that other stuff.

Of course, there are other things the Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Kickstarter will fund. It will allow for more equipment, pets, dungeons, NPCs, items, quests and leaderboards. That part seems only natural though. I’d be disappointed if those kinds of things weren’t added with the extra money.

Now, for the Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Kickstarter rewards. They’re decent, I guess. You get wallpapers/avatars/banners for $5. You get access to the Android and iOS betas and a Minor Karma Infusion Pack worth $3 for $10. $12 gets you an in-game item and the previous level rewards. A Akaneiro comic from Dark Horse kicks in at the $20 level, while a soundtrack shows up at the $25 level. To be frank, most of the rewards are digital or intangiable, with the exception being a poster print signed by the developers that kicks in at the $135 level and above. Unless you want to donate $1,500 or more. $1,500 gets you an Akaneiro: Demon Hunters themed Android tablet, $5,000 gets you dinner with American McGee in San Francisco (airfare/hotel not included) and $10,000 gets you a trip to Shanghai to tour Spicy Horse studios and have dinner with the developers. If you want to contribute, you have until February 2, 2013.

I’m really surprised to see Spicy Horse looking for a handout for Akaneiro: Demon Hunters. I mean, we’ve been hearing a lot about it lately. You’d think with all the press and publicity, that the developer had enough money without having to resort to Kickstarter to beg for more. Especially since this is going to be a freemium game. Yeah, I know it seems like you can enjoy the whole game for free right now in the Akaneiro: Demon Hunters beta, but I have a sneaking suspicion that this could turn into a money grabber.

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