iPad gaming update for January 7, 2013

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2013 has opened it’s doors and here’s the first iPad gaming update for the year. We look forward to 51 more updates this year and slew of new devices to play them on. CES 2013 is around the corner and WWDC not far behind with rumors already hitting in the internet about iOS 7 and new iPads. For now though, here’s what you get to look forward to this week:

Someone has taken Zeus’ scepter of power and it’s up to you to solve your way through 97 levels of puzzles as you explore nine legendary geek myths and unlock both Open Feint and Game Center achievements and top leaderboards in the $3.99

Heroes of Hellas HD.

Repulze is a $0.99 futuristic racing game. Choose from six different “hovercrafts” and push the limits of speed on nine tracks. Race your way to impressing the corporations while breaking the laws of physics.

Catch the Ark gives you the task of helping three animals raft their way onto Noah’s Ark after being left behind. For $0.99, steer the trio’s raft clear of obstacles, collect coins for power ups, and climb to the top of the leaderboards.

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