9 Silly Skyrim mods you didn’t know you needed

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It’s been just over a year since The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was released and this means we’ve seen tons of fantastic mods released by the fans. People have been both creative and productive and the result is interesting, sexy, incredible, detailed and silly Skyrim mods. There are almost too many to digest.

Which is where GamerTell steps in for the assist. We enjoy mods that make games more ridiculous so we’ve been keeping a constant eye on the silly Skymin mods. What we’ve found is that some of these are so crazy, but so good, that anyone who hears about them would need then in their game.

So go ahead, read on and enjoy these nine silly Skyrim mods.

Sporty Sexy Sweat – Wet Body Skin Texture

xs2reality’s silly Skyrim mod that makes female human and elven characters look, well, ripped and sweaty. I think it’s ridiculous and unnecessary, but I’m sure about half of you disagree and have already clicked away to the download page by now.

Hip Swing Dance

You know, while we’re on the topic of Sexy Silly Skyrim mods, let’s go ahead and add in BioMan2‘s Hip Swing Dancers. You all know when the lights go out, Whiterun’s one big dance party. You also don’t have to rely on just this dance mod. There are tons of similar mods you can turn to if you want the Nords, Altmer, Khajiit and others infected with Boogie Fever.

Singing Autotune Bears

I was never sadder than when I realized my laptop couldn’t handle Skyrim and I couldn’t have Snoopey’s bears singing, “I’m a bear!”

Weightless Items

You know something practical had to be stuck on here, and Wolferoo‘s practical yet silly Skyrim Weightless Items mod is it. Everything weighs absolutely nothing. Warning though – as this mod may blow your mind. Be careful if you remove the mod, as suddenly everything will have weight again and crush your character’s virtual spine.

Summon Giant Chicken

In the thick of battle I don’t want a capable warrior or a loyal dog by my side. No, I want Charlie the chicken from miaouwsan. Because why not. If you’re collecting silly Skyrim mods, you’ll need this to complete the collection.

Skyrim Pony Dragon Mod

Let’s see, zdzichorowerzysta’s mod transforms the Skyrim dragons into Fluttershy from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I’d say it’s the best brony-insertion into Skyrim, as well as a fantastic, silly Skyrim mod. I love how she shouts “Yay” when she attacks!

Skyrim Car mod

Skyrim modder zdzichorowerzysta is on fire. You can have a car in Skyrim instead of a horse because of this user’s hard work. Bravo. Now, if you could just change the in-game music to play “Low Rider” once you get in it. Granted, the car doesn’t look perfect, since it kind of floats rather than drives, but it’s still really awesome.

Flying Mod Beta

Porroone believes Skyrim people should fly and has made that dream possible for players with the Flying Mod beta. It has custom animations and optional stamina consumption, so it even looks cool and makes it seem plausible. Though now that I think about it, it probably belongs among the coolest Skyrim mods instead of a silly Skyrim mod list, but I’m putting here anyway.

Batman Moon

Look, up in the sky! It’s the bat signal! I’m sure we’ll all feel more secure in Skyrim with MartinPurvis‘s Batman Moon. I mean, I know I’d feel much better exploring knowing that somewhere, Batman might be out there doing good and saving the day.

Image Source: Skyrim Nexus

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