CES 2013: Same Adam Sessler, New Location

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G4’s evolution into the Esquire Network became that much easier when Adam Sessler parted ways with the network. He had hosted X-Play since its beginnings as GameSpot TV in 1998. The cable channel had long abandoned any real pretense of being “TV for gamers.” X-Play and Attack of the Show were the only remnants of that culture. Industry rumors about NBC Universal’s new plan for the channel were swirling for a while. Personalities including Sessler and AOTS’ Kevin Pereira saw the way things were headed and moved on. The former X-Play host didn’t comment on the negotiations but there were multiple reports of a contract dispute.

A games journalist with Sessler’s experience wasn’t going to be out of work long. In November 2012 Sessler landed at Revision3, a digital video network owned by Discovery Communications. While G4 programming execs struggled with the network’s identity, online sources quickly moved to fill the void. It makes sense that one of TV’s biggest names in games news would find his new home at such an outlet. One of Revision3’s founders is David Prager, a former producer for G4.

Sessler’s involvement is already paying big dividends for Revision3. The special interest network has formed a partnership with Microsoft.  Revision3 will broadcast over Xbox Live during the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show. Since Sessler is still a relatively new hire, a lot of people who watched him on TV will just be finding out about his new gig. Microsoft has used G4’s familiar faces to bring in viewers before. Former G4 hosts Tina Wood and Laura Foy have also done videos for Xbox Live.

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