The GamerTell Cast for January 4, 2013

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Here it is, the first GamerTell Cast of the new year! On this episode, we discuss the bullet hell action of Sine Mora, the friendly, yet explicit world of Knytt Underground, cybernetic action in Warframe and the oh so roguelike Dungelot. Plus, we go over a portion of our CES coverage plans that is set to begin on Sunday, January 6 from Las Vegas.

In our news portion, we look at the potential troubles that lie ahead for dedicated Android consoles, how one person got free games on the Wii U and whether the Wii U Deluxe Edition is worth the extra money.

We’ve also got something you pet lovers out there should enjoy. Have you ever had to deal with an unruly feline? We’ve got tips on that as well!


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