GamerTell is going to CES 2013, come join us!

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In less than 24 hours, I will be in Las Vegas on behalf of GamerTell to cover the Consumer Electronics Show. I know CES doesn’t exactly ooze with games like E3 or PAX, but CES is also more interesting in some ways. Before I get into that, I want to share some of our coverage plans and give you a general idea of what to expect from us over the next week.

CES is a huge show from a size perspective. There will be exhibits covering over 1.85 million square feet of combined space. That means there will be a lot of walking, cab rides and bus rides. Since there is only so much time in a day, there is absolutely no chance I’ll be able to see every single thing. My plan is to seek out not just the big stuff, but also spend a significant amount of time checking out the companies that don’t have multi-million dollar budgets. In other words, I’m looking for the indie companies of the tech scene. I’m looking for companies with ideas that are so grand, the big guys are going to want to buy them out. Believe it or not, that how a lot of large companies got to where they are today. The smaller guys are also way more inclined to be more open with members of the press. That means more interesting coverage for you to read, watch and hear.

As I mentioned earlier, CES is a tech show at heart. There will be some games to play, but I’m going to be looking into the technology behind those games. CES gives us insight into what we could possibly see in the next generation of hardware and software. Virtual reality, better motion control, eye tracking and futuristic peripherals are displayed at this show. Have you ever wanted a controller you could fold up like a piece of paper? You just may hear about that from CES. What about PC components that attach like LEGOs? Sure, why not? It’s all possible at CES.

I hope you’ll join GamerTell and the whole Technology Tell network for what is sure to be a great week for technology. My feet are already aching with anticipation.

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