CES 2013: The NVIDIA GeForce Experience optimizes your PC games instantly

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NVIDIA is one of the first companies to hold a press conference at CES 2013. The cloud was a focal point of NVIDIA’s presentation. The first announcement was for a feature called the GeForce Experience. GeForce Experience eliminates the need for PC players to manually tweak the settings of the games they’re playing. 

NVIDIA showcased the GeForce Experience with a Call of Duty game that was either Black Ops 2 or Modern Warfare 3. With the click of a button, GeForce Experience was able to increase the game’s resolution, shadows, textures and more. The difference between the two settings were noticeable.

GeForce Experience won’t make your PC games look any better than what your computer is capable of processing, but it does take some of the labor out of adjusting settings. GeForce Experience does this by pulling down settings data by other gamers that have opted in to the service. NVIDIA simply tries to use that data to alter settings at the most appropriate level for your individual computer.

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