CES 2013: NVIDIA becomes the middle man of cloud gaming technology

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Back in May of 2012, NVIDIA took the lid off NVIDIA GeForce GRID. GRID is an architecture designed for cloud gaming. With GRID, NVIDIA is looking to enter the cloud gaming market, but not in the same way as OnLive and possibly Sony are trying to do. Instead of trying to be a seller of games in the cloud, NVIDIA is selling the tech that makes cloud gaming possible. That way, companies interested in selling access to a cloud gaming library don’t need to create their own infrastructure to make this possible.

There are 20 GRID servers on one server rack. NVIDIA says the power of those servers is comparable to the power of 700 Xbox 360 consoles.

NVIDIA already has some partners lined up for GRID. These companies include Agawi, Playcast, G-cluster and Cyber Cloud. In September, both Playcast and Agawi were reportedly helping cable companies build out cloud gaming platforms. Perhaps now we know whose tech they’re using.

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