January 8, 2013 Pokemon Direct means we’re getting a new Pokemon game

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Okay, that title should probably say the January 8, 2013 Pokemon Direct conference Nintendo is holding means we’ll be getting at least one new Pokemon game. Considering Nintendo is dedicating a whole Nintendo Direct video announcement to this, it means this announcement is going to be sufficiently huge. After all, GameFreak made a big deal last week saying that a big Pokemon 3DS announcement was happening this week. Which means we should stop dancing around and just accept that a new entry in the main Pokemon series is in the works.

Nintendo’s Pokemon Direct is a Japanese event being held January 8, 2013 at 8pm their time. That means if you’re in North America, it’ll be held at 5am CST on January 8, 2013. Don’t you love time differences? It’s a bit easier for people in Europe to watch, since it’ll be 11am there tomorrow. Nintendo hasn’t said how long it will last. We do know that Satoru Iwata, CEO of Nintendo, will be the one making the announcement.

This Pokemon Direct is definitely for a 3DS Pokemon game, but I wonder if that is all we’ll hear and see during the event. I mean, Pokemon is a big enough series where I could easily see Nintendo dedicating a whole press conference to it.

Still, a part of me expects a teensy bit more. Perhaps this Pokemon Direct won’t just be about a 3DS Pokemon game. Perhaps it could also be about a Wii U Pokemon installment. The Wii had the PokePark series, remember. It could be that a Wii U PokePark incarnation is also in the works and that it will be brought up at the tail end of the announcement. Perhaps it could even include connectivity with the 3DS games, allowing people’s pokemon to visit the park and appear as characters there! Okay, that’s reaching, but it’s still a neat idea.

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