GAME and Microsoft might be working on pre-order achievements

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As gamers, we’ve been building up achievements and trophies since the concept came with this console generation. These points offer very little in meaning other than accomplishing wild feats or finding little secrets in the environment. They merely give us something to accomplish  A rumor has been circulating that UK retailer GAME and Microsoft may be offering the most pointless achievements you could imagine: pre-order achievements.

That’s right, gamers who pre-order or attend midnight launches at GAME stores would be able to earn exclusive GAME pre-order achievements for merely participating in these events. Sticktwiddlers describes exactly how Microsoft would implement this nonsensical award system. The achievements won’t be added to the 1000 gamerscore like the rest of the achievements. Instead, the points will be placed in an exclusive GAME section of your gamertag.

This comes at a time when GAME needs help in raising their sales numbers. I agree that with the company’s past financial issues it needs to try some new things to earn more money, but this isn’t it.

Indeed, rewarding players for pre-ordering a game has been successful this console generation. Bonus content received by pre-ordering, such as the in game items in the Assassin’s Creed series, are able to boost sales for the game because those items enhance your abilities or skills in game. The same can be said for the physical items you receive for pre-ordering. I can actually play cards using  the Dishonored tarot card deck or tell fortunes, if knew how to tell fortunes. Marketing bonus content worked simply because it offered gamers something useful and tangible. Attaching pre-order achievements to your gamertag for simply purchasing the game before release doesn’t offer either.

But given its rumor status none of this could be happening. There are also no signs of Microsoft talking to any North American retailers about offering pre-order achievements.

In the world of marketing and business, however, ideas like these aren’t so far fetched and I still wouldn’t put it past Microsoft to attempt such a move. We’ll have to see in the next few months or so, if such a thing could happen. I really hope it isn’t.

Source [Stick Twiddlers]

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