CES 2013: New MOGA Pro Controller is sexy

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That whole MOGA Mobile Gaming Controller for Android devices must be doing well for PowerA, because it’s just announced a new version of it at CES 2013. The latest MOGA is the MOGA Pro Controller, though you can call it the MOGA Pro for short. It doesn’t really change anything either. This latest incarnation features purely cosmetic alterations.

See, the traditional MOGA controller has a boxy shape and looks like a NES or SNES era controller. The MOGA Pro looks like a PS3 controller. Well, sort-of. The D-pad and analog stick positioning on the left side is more akin to Xbox 360 controller placement, but the overall shape looks like a PS3 Dualshock. The controller still clips onto an Android smartphone up to 3.2 inches wide with Android OS 2.3 or higher and allows the user to play his or her games with a real controller as opposed to virtual controllers. It works with all games that are already optimized to work with the original MOGA.

The MOGA Pro also has a minor power upgrade. The original MOGA uses AAA batteries. The MOGA Pro is more eco-friendly and uses built-in, rechargeable batteries. It comes with a USB cord so you can plug it into your laptop to charge it up. Personally, I consider that a downgrade. I feel this ties you down. You can get AAA batteries anywhere, but this means a MOGA Pro always has to have its charging cord and a computer or special adapter to allow it to be plugged in and recharged.

PowerA says the MOGA Pro will be available in Spring 2013. A price hasn’t been revealed for this iteration of the MOGA yet. A standard MOGA is $49.99 and doesn’t have rechargeable batteries built in, so I’d guess the MOGA Pro would be at least $10 or $20 more to factor in that and the whole redesign.

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