CES 2013: Unu wants to be your tablet, Smart TV and console

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Sunflex, the company behind Snakebyte-branded accessories, announced a new Android product at CES 2012 that is made up a few different parts. The device is called unu and it’s comprised of an Android tablet, docking station, game controller and air mouse.

Unu can work as a standalone Android tablet, or it can be connected to a television when it’s stationed inside its dock. Once it’s docked, unu can be controlled with the game controller or the air mouse. The front of the mouse contains various button to control the on-screen media, but it also has a full keyboard on its back side.

There are still plenty of things we don’t know about unu such as the specs of the tablet and the app store that comes pre-installed on the device. Unu runs a customized Android interface, so it’s possible the Google Play store and Google’s other apps won’t be available out of the box.

We’ll try to swing by the Snakebyte booth here at CES and get some hands on time with this product very soon.

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