CES 2013: SteelSeries has two new Apex Gaming Keyboards

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CES 2013 means gadget and tech posts, so brace yourself for more of these over the next few days. The latest comes from SteelSeries, which has developed new Apex Gaming Keyboards which are apparently the fastest gaming keyboards now available. The Apex and Apex [Raw] keyboards are optimized in terms of performance and layout to make them incredibly easy for PC gamers to use.

The differences between the two Apex Gaming Keyboards are pretty obvious, but that doesn’t mean someone has to go with the optimum Apex Gaming Keyboard and ignore the Apex [Raw] Gaming Keyboard. Both have a key let lets you adjust brightness and disable the Windows key, anti-ghosting that applies to 20 of the most commonly used keys used in gaming, raised macro keys on the top and left and a means to adjust the keyboard angle to the one you like best. What I like best is the tactile bumps on the W key. You know how the F and J keys on keyboards have bumps on them so you can find them with your pointer fingers to get situated for typing? The Apex Gaming Keyboards have two bumps like that on the W key since so many games use WASD for movement. Both keyboards also allow you to have multiple player profiles saved and assigned to them.

Now, let’s get into specific Apex Gaming Keyboard details. These, in addition to price, will help you determine which one you need in your life when they launch in Q2 2013. The Apex [Raw] Keyboard is $69.99 and the base model. It has 17 macro keys, to start. It allows you to program every key and have up to two layers for each one. They keys also light up with white backlight and you can choose how bright you want them. The Apex Keyboard is more advanced at $99.99. It has 22 macro keys. It also lights up, but goes further by having five zones which can be lit up in different colors at different degrees of brightness. Again, every key can be reprogrammed, but in this case you can have up to four layers.

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