Lego Marvel Super Heroes is just what I needed

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There needs to be a saying concerning Lego video games, so I’m going to be the one to say it. If the Lego video game you want doesn’t exist yet, wait a year and TT Games and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment will make it. Lego Marvel Super Heroes is a fantastic example. I’ve always been a Marvel girl and can’t think of a single DC Comics series I’ve wanted to read. Naturally, Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes didn’t appeal to me. So I waited about a year after it was announced and released and poof! TT Games, Lego, Marvel and Warner Bros. announced Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

Unfortunately, screenshots aren’t available yet. The only art released was a rather bland and boring logo. So let’s look at a promotional image for the Loki’s Cosmic Cube Escape Lego Marvel Super Heroes playset while I tell you more about the Lego Marvel Super Heroes video game.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes will make almost every Marvel hero or heroine the star and I guess people could even argue the story is loosely inspired by the first Avengers movie. Loki and Galactus have come to Earth and cause trouble and Nick Fury puts together a team of Marvel heroes to face them. This means Iron Man, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Thor, Captain America and lots of other favorites have to step up and work together to save the day.

Of course, even if your favorite character isn’t a main character in Lego Marvel Super Heroes, I’m sure he or she will be in the game. The Lego games are famous for having tons of extra characters available as unlockables. Once you get the character and have played a level once, you can go back and switch to whichever other character you’d like.

So look forward to Lego Marvel Super Heroes in Q3 2013. You can’t miss it, as it’ll be on every gaming platform possible. I’m serious. The 3DS, DS, PS3, PS Vita, Wii U, Xbox 360 and Windows PC versions are all already confirmed.

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