Don’t Starve Turf update focuses on the shovel

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My week my be consumed by CES coverage, but that didn’t stop me from keeping up with Don’t Starve news. On Tuesday, the latest update called Turf was released a day early for the Google Chrome and Steam versions of the game. Turf isn’t a large update, but it lays the groundwork for more features to come.

In the Turf update, your trusty shovel gets more useful. In addition to digging up berry bushes, graves and dry grass, this update will let you dig up the actual ground. When you do that, you’ll acquire the turf that you dug up. The bare dirt that’s left behind can be replaced with whatever turf you have on you at the time. Now, your main camp can be surrounded by fresh green grass all the time.

Klei Entertainment pointed out on the Don’t Starve forums that the individual types of turf are mostly for show at this point. In the future, you’ll have to take the different turf types into consideration when making your way through the game.

The next Don’t Starve update will be larger. It’ll be release on January 15, and future updates will come on a bi-weekly basis.

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