2K Sports shocks sports gamers by announcing MLB 2K13

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After Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick railed about the money 2K Sports was losing making baseball games (an estimated $30 million annually), 2K Sports let its deal with Major League Baseball expire. 2K  has reached a deal with MLB and will produce a baseball game in 2013. It didn’t disclose details of the new deal, but 2K likely negotiated some much more favorable terms.

No other publisher expressed interest in doing a baseball game, which is pretty embarrassing for the sport. The last time the National Football League game license came up for renewal, things stopped just short of gladiatorial combat. Also, 2K Sports Perfect Game Challenge generated a lot of mostly favorable publicity for baseball. A cheating scandal marred the 2012 contest, but only gaming news sources covered that.

The majority of mainstream media coverage for the contest was good publicity. Major League Baseball made this announcement on January 9, the same day we learned baseball writers elected no one to the Hall of Fame. Part of the reason was numerous players believed to have used steroids were eligible. Baseball needs some good pub right now. It also needs to reach younger fans, and video games are a great way to do that.

2K Sports will do the Perfect Game Challenge again in 2013, the fourth year of the contest. Last year’s winner of the contest and the $1 million prize was 21-year-old Christopher Gilmore. The 2012 competition was the first to feature an eight-person tournament for the grand prize. There are no details yet on how this year’s contest will work, or if there are safeguards in place to prevent gaming the system. GamerTell will keep you posted on how that progresses.

Tampa Bay Rays ace David Price is the cover athlete for MLB 2K13.  He won the American League Cy Young Award with a 20-5 record and a 2.56 ERA, best in the league.

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