CES 2013: The PhoneJoy Play controller fits like a glove

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This past December, a company called PhoneJoy took to Kickstarter to fund its Bluetooth gaming controller for Android and iOS devices. The company raised $69,859 on Kickstarter after requesting $50,000 to put the PhoneJoy Play into production. It has only been a week since the PhoneJoy Play got funded, and the company has already set up a booth at CES to show the controller in action. 

The concept behind the PhoneJoy Play is interesting. The body of the controller is separated by a sliding mechanism that is wide enough to hold most smartphones in landscape orientation. Once the phone is inserted, the two ends return to the center to hold the phone in place. There’s no need to snap anything in place. The PhoneJoy Play also provides a little gap at its ends to prevent the phone’s power button from being pressed accidentally.

PhoneJoy had several shell models of popular smartphones to demonstrate how universal the PhoneJoy Play is. The controller can house any smartphone as long as it’s not larger than the Samsung Galaxy Note II. If your phone’s display isn’t over 5.5-inches, you should be fine. You can also use the PhoneJoy Play with tablets, but it’ll only fit in portrait mode. On the other hand, you can just close the controller, prop the tablet up on a stand and play that way.

I even whipped out my own phone and placed it inside the PhoneJoy Play. It had no problem holding onto my phone. The buttons felt fine, and the analog nubs feel similar to what’s available on the PSP.

Although the Kickstarter has concluded, you can still pledge support for the PhoneJoy Play through PayPal until January 18. $60 will get you a white or black PhoneJoy Play. The community will also vote on a color that backers can get as well. The PhoneJoy Play is expected to ship in April.

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