Monopoly Save Your Token campaign will replace a token

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Hasbro’s Monopoly Save Your Token campaign is going to break a lot of hearts. In the name of progress, Hasbro is doing a culling of Monopoly tokens again. It’s like the 1990’s all over again, when the money bag briefly appeared and the horse and cannon tokens were removed. Of course, this time the removal will be a bit easier to bear because people get to vote on which token is retired and which new token will replace it.

See those five new tokens above? Those are the Monopoly Save Your Token campaign starlets. The robot, ring, cat, helicopter and guitar are all vying for the new position. The most popular of the five (kitty) will take the place of the car, thimble, boot, Scottie dog, battleship, hat, iron or wheelbarrow. People can head to Facebook daily to vote for the figure they want saved and the new figure they want to step up.

On February 5, 2013, voting will close and the Monopoly Save Your Token votes will be tallied. If you’re curious how it’s going in the meantime, the Facebook page above offers a leaderboard showing the status of the existing figures. Scottie dog was the fan favorite as of 11pm CST on January 9, 2013, with 33% of the vote. The car, battleship and hat were also relatively safe. The thimble, boot, iron and wheelbarrow were in trouble, however.

The Monopoly Save Your Token results will be announced February 6, 2013. Then, sometime in mid-February, Target will carry a Monopoly Golden Token version of the game. It will be $17.99 and include every token – all eight of the old tokens and all five of the new candidates. It will be a limited edition set, though Hasbro hasn’t said how limited. It has confirmed, however, that the new versions of Monopoly that will have the new set of eight tokens will be sold starting in Q2 2013.

Hasbro has not said what will happen to the video game versions of Monopoly once the losing token is eliminated and the new token determined. Perhaps we’ll see a massive wave of Monopoly game patches to reflect the results of the Monopoly Save Your Token campaign.

As long as the cat is voted in as the new token and the Scottie dog remains, I’ll be pleased. Get rid of one of the stupid Monopoly tokens like the wheelbarrow or the iron!

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  • Howard M. Scop

    dump the wheelbarrow……add the cat!!!