Fire Emblem Awakening will have free and paid DLC

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Fire Emblem Awakening has got a lot of extra baggage. I mean, it starts out huge on its own, but then Nintendo goes and throws a ton of extra stuff in as well. This entry offers a lot of firsts for the series due to it being on the 3DS, after all. It’s the first to offer DLC and StreetPass, after all.

DLC is either free or paid and is acquired in one of two ways. The first is through SpotPass. DLC doled out by Nintendo in this manner will always be free. They will also always be maps with a new challenge. Winning could result in a new item award, which is nice. Then there’s the eShop DLC, which will mostly be paid. Okay, it will all be paid. The only exception is, the first DLC map will be free for a limited time after Fire Emblem Awakening is released in an attempt to encourage players to buy more DLC. The rest of the stuff, which includes characters from other Fire Emblem games that can join your party, maps with new stories or bonuses, new classes or extra skills, will always cost money and be released weekly.

I suppose you could consider StreetPass hits free DLC as well. While in the game, you can make up a ten character SreetPass Team with your custom avatar and nine other characters. When you pass someone who has Fire Emblem Awakening, your data will be swapped. The other person’s team will appear in your game and yours in his or her’s. When you encounter this other team, you can recruit the leader by paying or fighting or buy items from the group. If you choose battle, then you have a chance to make a name for yourself, which will be shared with other Fire Emblem Awakening players when you pass them by.

Fire Emblem will be here before we know it. It actually has a February 4, 2013 release date. See? It snuck up on me too! The game will be $39.99 before DLC, but don’t worry about all those extras. They’re just that – extra. You don’t need them to enjoy the game. They just exist to flesh things out and offer extra replay value and units to people who want more. Test out the eShop demo January 17, 2013 if you’re unsure about jumping in February 4.

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