CES 2013: Nyko Power Pak for Wii U is a godsend

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nyko power pak for wii uNintendo sucks when it comes to providing batteries for its latest generation of products. The stock 3DS battery life is between three and five hours and the stock Wii U GamePad battery life is between two and four hours, which is just ridiculous. Fortunately, Nyko stepped up and at CES 2013 announced the Power Pak for Wii U that more than fixes the current GamePad situation. (Don’t worry 3DS owners, Nyko already fixed the 3DS with the Power Pak +.)

The Power Pak for Wii U is simply a better rechargeable, Lithium Polymer battery. You just take the included screwdriver to the back of the Wii U GamePad, pop out the battery Nintendo gave you, pop in Nyko’s $24.99 Power Pak for Wii U, seal it up and then charge it as usual. After a few hours, you’ll be all set.

The best part is the huge difference the Power Pak for Wii U makes on your gaming life. It triples the battery life of the Wii U GamePad. Instead of only getting two or three hours of play at a time, you should start getting between six and nine hours on a single charge. I’m guessing this will be a must-buy come its February 2013 release window.

Seriously, though, I can’t recommend Nyko’s Power Pak batteries enough. I bought one for my 3DS after realizing I’d have to take my power cord everywhere if I didn’t. Best money I ever spent, because sometimes I even get more than triple the battery life with the Power Pak +. If Nyko can do that with the 3DS battery, then I have faith the Power Pak for Wii U will be just as good.

Also, Nyko made a few other CES 2013 announcements. A Wii U Pro Commander Pro Controller and Charge Station U Wii U GamePad and Wii Remote charging cradle will be released in February 2013 for $34.99 each. There will also be a Charge Base pro for charging Pro Controllers, a GamePad charging stand and a UBoost external GamePad battery pack coming out next month for an unspecified price. I suppose those sound like possibly helpful items, but they pale in comparison to the usefulness of the Power Pak for Wii U.

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  • seth

    Will buy this day one. FO. SHO.

  • Daniel

    You guys are RIDICULOUS, 2 to 3 hours? Are you kidding me? I’ve been getting 5 hours on mine. The 3DS also lasts about 5 to 6 hours for me more if I don’t use the 3D option.

    What the hell are you guys exaggerating for? That’s really low man, lying about battery life just to prove a point.

    • Jenni Lada

      Just because you get 5 hours and 5-6 hours doesn’t mean yours is typical. I have had my 3DS since launch. With 3D on and no Nyko PowerPak+, I was getting 3-4, without 4-5. With PowerPak+, I get at least 10 hours at a time and usually 12.

      Also, my cousin had his Wii U here over the holidays. We’d usually get between 2-4 hours per charge for the Gamepad. Everyone’s experience can be different.

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