PlayJam overcomes legal issues to bring the GameStick back to Kickstarter

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Well that was fast wasn’t it? Two hours after PlayJam’s Kickstarter page for the GameStick was taken down due to an intellectual property dispute, PlayJam went through the appropriate measures to get the project back into Kickstarter’s legal embrace. The GameStick page is back and ready to accept more donations.

So what happened anyway? It turns out the GameStick in general was not accused of violating anything. The problem stemmed from PlayJam’s promotional video for the GameStick. Apparently, PlayJam showed a game in its video that it didn’t have permission to show.

“As we launched on Kickstarter, we made a small oversight in one of our promo videos hosted on our campaign wherein we overlooked a game image in the video that wasn’t cleared for exposure,” reads an email sent to media outlets from PlayJam. “To give Kickstarter credit, they look out for the intellectual property of others. They were alerted to this game in our video and immediately hid our campaign from the public. Once we learned what the intellectual issue was, we quickly removed the video and within two short hours we are now back up and running.”

According to PlayJam, the GameStick campaign only lost two backers during its brief disappearance. The campaign has earned $316,136 with 21 days remaining.

Source [Kickstarter]

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