Everyone will be able to play Path of Exile on January 23

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In just under two weeks, the action role-playing game known as Path of Exile will enter open beta on January 23. Path of Exile has been in closed beta for quite a while with access being restricted to those with codes, or with enough confidence in the game to spend at least $10 for the Early Access Pack.

Path of Exile is a click-heavy, loot-driven game that’s plays like something along the lines of Diablo or Torchlight. You’re able to select from one of six character classes such as the Marauder, Witch, Ranger, Duelist, Shadow and Templar. Each of these characters are good at something specific, but you won’t be locked in to a specific skill progression tree. You can customize your character’s abilities as you see fit. You only have to make sure your character possesses the appropriate amount of experience before going off the beaten path.

If you’re playing in the closed beta, you have until January 23 to purchase the kiwi bird pet before it disappears. However, everyone will be able to experience the third act of Path of Exile and won’t have to worry about any character wipes moving forward.

I first played Path of Exile in May of 2012 and enjoyed the time I spent with it. It’s not a graphically demanding game, but it still runs and looks fine on a laptop with integrated graphics. I recommend grabbing a buddy or two and giving it a shot once the open beta period begins.

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