iPhone and iPod Touch gaming update for Janurary 14, 2013

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From the rumor mill, it seems we are fast approaching a new iDevice, possible only two months out. Exciting for sure but the focus this month should be on CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2013. This is where all the accessory makers and big names like Samsung, Sony, etc. all gather to show off the latest in gadgetry including some proof of concepts that make us want for the future. If you’re interested in all the happenings, click here and if you just want this week’s gaming update for iPhone and iPod Touch, that’s below:

Gangnam Style City is a simple and free 8-bit runner parodying the world’s most popular song. Flying, ride, and run your way to the fastest time possible and the best score you can oopa.

Zenoia 5 brings the popular RPG to a new realm for the free. Rise from the slums to be the ultimate hero. Choose from a number of classes including the berserker, mechanic, wizard, and paladin. Level up and customize your hero, unlock new skills and powers, and take on other players globally in PvP combat.

ShaqDown is Shaq’s return to video games only this time he isn’t practicing Shaq-Fu. What happens when the world suffers at the hands of a virus outbreak that turns humans into human enslaving zombies? Well, it’s up to Shaq to save it that’s what. Earn Game Center achievements as you take those zombies to school with Shaqtastic powers in this $0.99 action game.

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