The Universe Project is the most ambitious life simulator yet

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The Universe Project is probably the most ambitious video game project to ever hit the internet. At first glance, a video game that would be a “Virtual Parallel Universe” seems like a joke, but further delving, it seems that the developers are very serious about the idea. There is a site that’s gauging interest on the project, and is offering people perks based on the amount of referrals people make to their friends. Other than the video, the only other source of information on this project is their FAQs  and their forums.

The Universe Project promises to simulate as many aspects of actual life as possible, from the ground up. The initial impression is that it will be Spore-like game with an MMO aspect to it. Among the many ideas it proposes include:

  • A world the size of Earth
  • Real money transactions
  • Marriage
  • Having children
  • War and combat
  • Politics
  • Player run nations
  • Space exploration
  • Ability to play the game on both computers and mobile devices

There doesn’t seem to be a set date for when The Universe Project Kickstarter starts. The FAQs say that the devs of the game want to get prototypes and proof-of-concept material out before going ahead with the Kickstarter. However, you can put in your e-mail address at their website  and start collecting referrals, so you can take advantage of some of it’s pre-Kickstarter perks, including access to the beta version.

Source [The Universe Project]

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