Wii U sales surpass Wii sales in the first six weeks since release

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wii u sales
The Wii U may have attracted its share of skeptics, but the numbers don’t lie. Wii U sales figures have passed over $300 million within the first six weeks since release. Compare that to the $270 million that the Wii earned on its initial 6 weeks.

One thing about the Wii U sales press release that announced this achievement was that one of the features of this system was its ability to generate revenue. While this is coming from Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing, and probably worded for investors rather than the average consumer or gamer, but he could have at least mentioned the tablet-like controller, or some of the games that came out, or really, just mention something that didn’t make the WiiU sound like a quick and dirty money grab.

Being a corporation, I suppose we can’t expect Nintendo to be the innocent video game company we grew up with. Since the release of the Wii, hardcore Nintendo Fans had accused the company of catering to the casual and family demographics, with the Wii U selling just as well as the Wii, it seems that Nintendo will continue to cater to those demographics, slowly phasing out the hardcore fans of the company.

While the Wii U promises to be and interesting console with an interesting gimmick, one has to wonder if Nintendo is losing some of it’s old charm. When you hear the company higher ups say that of the best features of it’s newest console is ″Revenue Generation″, It raises a few questions about how Nintendo is treating it’s customer base nowadays. The last part about ″…bringing smiles to millions of new faces throughout the year.″ feels awkward and tacked on when read, and has a sort of corporate hollowness in it’s tone. Of course, this is a press release aimed towards stockholders, but it’s still some words to chew on, and a sign of what to expect from Nintendo for years to come.

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