Croixleur deserves the Greenlight

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Nyu Media has another new game coming out! I really look forward to these, because you never know what to expect from doujin games. Like the latest entry, Croixleur, looks like a really competant beat’em up. Considering it’s only going to be $4.99 when it’s released on January 24, 2013, that sounds pretty promising. Because sometiems you just want to mindlessly fight things.

The Story Mode of Croixleur goes into why these school girls are beating all these monsters up. The Kingdom of Ilance is ruled by a Queen, but she’s not the only one in charge of the nation. There are also two factions known as the Arisocrat and Knight factions. Every few years, the Adjuvant Trial is held and two of the best students in the realm, one from the Besier Aristocrat academy and one from the Scelta Knight academy, go into a tower to fight. This year, it’s Lucrezia and Francesca, who used to be friends. Now, however, it’s all about going in, beating up the general baddies and big bosses and being the one who survives. Players control Lucrezia and their performance and actions while fighting as her unlock one of multiple endings. You level up, find new weapons and learn new attacks by fighting, so do your best!

Aside from Croixleur‘s story mode, there are also two modes where you do as much damage as you can before you die. One is a standard Survival Mode where you try to do just that – survive. The monsters never stop and you keep going as best as you can. The other is a Score Attack Mode where you have three minutes to defeat as many enemies as possible. That ends once the time is up or if you fail to keep going for the full three minutes.

Unfortunately, there is no multiplayer in Croixleur. That’s a shame. A cooperative survival mode might have been fun.

So, you’re probably wondering why Croixleur deserves to get an upvote for Steam Greenlight. It’s a valid question. First, it looks great for a Japanese doujin game, much better than Fairy Bloom Freesia, which is already on Steam. Second, it’s affordable at only $4.99. Third, Steam doesn’t have many doujin games in its library yet and this would be a solid addition. Finally, because I’d really like to see it in my Steam library. You know selfish desire is the best reason of all!

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  • aizengamer

    I agree. I would love it if this got the greenlight.