The Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Edition may be worth it for the fight stick

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Normally, I’m ridiculously harsh on collector’s editions of video games because they’re usually incredibly frivolous. Sure, a giant helmet, dragon status or remote control car seems neat, but it isn’t so cool that the special edition is worth $100 or more. However, I wholeheartedly approve of at least one of the Injustice: Gods Among Us special editions. I still think the $99.99 Injustice: Gods Among Us Collector’s Edition is overpriced, but I think the Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Edition for PS3s and Xbox 360s is probably a good deal for $149.99.

The difference is in the content. The Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Edition happens to come with something that is not only cool, but useful. I’m not talking about the character skins for Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman that represent their The New 52 look from the comics. I’m talking about that awesome Fight Stick. Warner Bros. Games doesn’t say who makes it, but it’s a thing of beauty, to be sure. You get the game, the DLC and it in this $150 bundle and that’s not bad.

See, you have to realize what Fight Stick controllers cost. Even a basic model with no theme can easily be around $40. The Injustice: Gods Among Us Fight Stick is themed, which would drive the price up. It also has an illuminated joystick and eight buttons and you can set the brightness. Not to mention the Start, Select and Guide buttons can be locked out so you don’t accidentally trigger them when using the Fight Stick during a match. I can’t be sure, but it looks a lot like the Mad Catz Fight Stick controllers which retail for $159.99 each.

So yeah, the Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Edition gets a pass for being much more useful than the standard collector’s edition. If you want one, pre-ordering before its April 16, 2013 release may be a good idea. If not, you may be stuck with a standard edition. Of course, Wii U owners will be stuck with standard anyway. They don’t get a Battle Edition.

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