I’m excited Amazon Instant Video is on the Wii – says no one ever

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Well, this is certainly, very, unexpected I guess. Apparently, Amazon hasn’t heard the Wii is pretty much dead, because it has only just made the effort to make the Amazon Instant Video service available on the console. It’s good, I guess, but I can’t help wondering why? Why even bother at this point in the console’s life cycle?

Of course, that’s probably a silly thing to ask. Even though the Wii probably won’t ever get any new games people over the age of 10 would want to play, it is an established consoles. Millions of them sit in living rooms across the United States, so of course Amazon wants to tap into that with its Amazon Instant Video service. It’s just that it seems so out of place, especially since the PS3, Xbox 360 and even Wii U all got Amazon Instant Video apps in 2012.

Oh well, let’s move on and explain how it works. You download the Amazon Instant Video app from the Wii Shop Channel on your Wii. It’s a free download, so don’t worry about paying for it. Then, you register your Wii as a new device in the Amazon Instant Video app. I hope you have a laptop, or at least a note pad, because you’ll receive a registration code. You then head to Amazon Instant Video website, enter the code to register the Wii as one of your devices and you’ll be set. Your account is now active on your Wii and you can watch videos you’ve already purchased, as well as buy or rent new tv shows or movies to watch.

If you already have a Wii U and are excited about this, don’t be. Don’t even boot up the virtual Wii to get it. Use the Amazon Instant Video app for your Wii U instead. See, that version works with TVii, which means it integrates into that neat app that allows you to sort through all available media sources, like cable, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu and such, to find things to watch.

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