NRA: Practice Range supposedly promotes gun safety

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A couple weeks after NRA executive vice-president Wayne LaPierre said in a  “Guns don’t kill people. Video games, the media and Obama’s budget kill people.” Shortly after that, the NRA released NRA: Practice Range for iOS. The game is a target range simulator that functions as the NRA’s “New mobile nerve center” which will provide informational materials on things such as the latest news, safety tips, and the gun laws of each state.

It seems that the actual “game” part of NRA: Practice Range is somewhat lacking, but what did you expect from a free app? The graphics of the game are elementary at best, and the gameplay is mediocre.  It all comes off as a hastily made educational game that is just a front for their “Mobile Nerve Center”.

The thing that most stood out about NRA: Practice Range is while the game is free, you can shill out $0.99 to make in-app purchases. Naturally, said purchases are more guns. A couple of the top in-app purchases at the moment are the MK11 and the Dragunov SVD, which are both sniper rifles.

If the goal of NRA: Practice Range was to promote gun safety, how come I can purchase an in-game sniper rifle like I would like any other app add-on? Shouldn’t I be taking a virtual gun safety course before making the purchase? Who’s giving me a background check? People might accuse me of nitpicking, but if the NRA is going to attack all video games, their game should not be excused from scrutiny.

iTunes Link [NRA: Practice Range]

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